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Onboarding is, not only, the induction of a new employee into an organization, but is the dynamic process of ensuring new employees have the knowledge, skills, and organizational awareness to become committed, effective members of the agency.  Successful onboarding is crucial to engaging employees from their first day on the job and aiding in employee engagement and retention.  Successful onboarding programs often include a variety of interventions and contacts with new employees beyond their first day, often including things like orientation sessions, new employee surveys, mentoring programs, and participation in cohorts. Supervisors have an inherent and important role to ensure new employees successfully transition to the organization. Supervisors should use the Supervisor Checklist for Onboarding New Employees below as they assist their new team members onboard. Note: Check with your servicing HR office for additional onboarding guidance.

Survey Administration:

Per Personnel Bulletin 20-08, all new employees must receive the opportunity to complete the Department’s entry survey after their first 60 days on the job. This survey is sent by OHC to new employees on a quarterly basis.


Turnover is an inevitable part of an organization’s workforce. There are a myriad of reasons why people leave an organization – retirements, promotions, work environments, and more. Learning about those motivations can influence an organization’s human capital strategies. Exit surveys provide critical data that assists the Department in building a better workforce and retaining our best talent. Insights from separating employees shed light on what DOI is doing right and where we can improve. HR Professionals will find Departmental guidance and resources to collect feedback from separating employees on their experience at the Department. 

Survey Administration:

Per Personnel Bulletin 20-08, effective October 1, 2020, bureaus and offices are required to distribute the Department’s exit survey to departing employees as part of the clearance process. The exit survey can be accessed at https://doiohc.gov1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cv9jCdNpcQkYfA2.


Bureaus and offices must designate a primary and alternate point of contact for employee experience data collection and reporting. These individuals serve as key staff to provide input on survey items, pull reports from the system on entry and exit surveys, and attend a quarterly working group meeting led by the Office of Human Capital.

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