Office of the Secretary and Departmental Offices Charge Card Program

The Office of the Secretary (OS) Charge Card Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC) is tasked with supporting OS employees in managing the Travel Charge Card Program to best support DOI's mission.

The OS A/OPC contacts are Kevin Goins and Elisha Pippen. 
Please direct any requests or questions to the following e-mail so they both receive it:

To obtain a Government charge card within the Office of the Secretary, please follow the guidance below.

If you have any questions regarding the OS/DO Charge Card Program, please feel free to contact Elisha Pippen and Kevin Goins at DOI_PFM_DO_AOPC@IOS.DOI.GOV.

  • Please see our SharePoint site for information regarding the OS and DO Charge Card Program, FAQs, and application instructions (please be logged into your DOI account to access the information):
  • Charge Card Policy is managed by the Office of Acquisition and Property Management and can be found on the following site:

Cardholders may now apply for new charge cards online.  Please follow the appropriate guide and follow the instructions EXACTLY how it is listed in the presentation.

Steps to obtain a new charge card:
ALL 3 steps MUST be completed before we process an application.  Please make sure you capitalize EVERY field in the application; there should be NO punctuation in any field except the email; and if you have a middle initial, it MUST be listed in the middle initial field and the complete name field (no punctuation).

1.  Complete the GSA training in DOI Talent and send us a copy of the training completion at

2. Follow the appropriate presentation to apply for a card online.

3. Have the approving official approve the request for a new account; the approval email can be forwarded to us.

The primary A/OPC's for OS/DO are Kevin Goins and Elisha Pippen. The offices below also have an A/OPC that will be responsible for the internal controls for their offices.

IBC - Dale Devoe, 303-716-4096
OIG - Joeseph Gregory, 703-487-5381
OST - Jocelyn Sice, 505-816-1057
SOL - Terrie Wills, 202-208-6116

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