DOI Chief Financial Officers

Pursuant to Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-576), the Department of the Interior (DOI) Bureau CFOs work collaboratively to improve financial management in DOI. The Bureau CFOs advise and coordinate the activities of DOI on such matters as consolidation and modernization of financial systems, improved quality of financial information, financial data and information standards, internal controls, legislation affecting financial operations and organizations, and any other financial management matter.

The DOI's CFO Council includes the following listed below.

Joan Mooney
Assistant: Vacant
DOI Deputy CFO
Tonya R. Johnson
Chief of Staff (PFM): Cynthia Snooks-Key, (202) 208-4246
Senior Advisor (PFM): Clarence Smith, (202) 208-3253
Bureau of Land Management
CFO: Barbara Eggers
Finance Officer:  Mary Laub
Assistant: Michael Berry, (970) 256-4945
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
CFO: Walter Cruickshank
Finance Officer: Jim Anderson
Assistants: Laverne Gailliard or Karla Cook, (202) 208-6300
Bureau of Reclamation
CFO: Grayford Payne
Finance Officer: Ruth Welch (Acting)
Assistants: Lawanda Oates, (202) 513-0509
Dorothy Dillard, (303) 445-2783
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
CFO: Scott Mabry (Acting)
Finance Officer: Teresa Weaver
Assistants: Arecia Whitfield, (202) 208-2765
Barbara Jeffcoat, (202) 208-3416
Indian Affairs
CFO: Jim Anderton
Finance Officer: Jaime Rullan
Interior Business Center
CFO: Matt Costello
Finance Officer: Wendell Bazemore
Assistant: Michelle Jones, (202) 208-3892
National Park Service
CFO: Lena McDowall
Comptroller:  Jessica Bowron
Finance Officer: Jennifer Greatorex
Assistant: Katelyn Liming, (202) 513-7095
Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
CFO: Glenda Owens
Finance Officer: Georgene Thompson
Assistants: Patrick Braxton and Fred Cruise, (202) 208-4006
Bureau of Trust Funds Administration
CFO: Margaret Williams
Finance Officer: Vacant
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
CFO: Janine Velasco
Finance Officer: Michael Sciortino
Assistant: Shelly Senior, (703) 358-1996
U.S. Geological Survey
CFO: Katherine McCulloch
Finance Officer: Pam Kutsko
Assistant: Karen Zackschewski, (703) 648-7203

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