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Mission: Financial Management excellence and increasing value through collaboration and continuous learning.

Functions: The Office of Financial Management serves as the focal point for the Department of the Interior"s financial matters by providing direction, planning, and oversight for financial policy and procedures, financial reporting, the management control program, accounting policy and systems, and audit follow-up. The Office is committed to strengthening financial management within the Department through a coordinated program involving the modernization and integration of financial systems, the improvement of financial reporting and accountability, the enhancement of efficient and effective management controls, and the preparation of financial statements for audit.

Organization: The Office of Financial Management is lead by a Director; who reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget, Finance, Performance and Acquisition; who reports to the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget; who reports to the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget; who reports to the Deputy Secretary of the Interior; who reports to the Secretary of the Interior. The Director is supported by a Deputy Director, 6 Division Chiefs, a Senior Advisor, a Chief of Staff, an Administrative Officer, and staff in the following divisions.

  • Custodial Reporting Division (CRD)

  • Departmental Offices Finance Division (DOF)

  • Financial Reporting Division (FRD)

  • Financial Systems Division (FSD)

  • Internal Control and Audit Follow-Up Division (ICAF)

  • Policy Collaboration and Operations Division (PCO)

Core Values

Excellence and Value

Commitment to providing financial management leadership across the Department as well as providing timely thorough and thoughtful responses and beneficial information to the Department"s various Bureaus and Offices.


Maintain the highest ethical standards in people and processes.


Value our stakeholders and customers, place confidence in them, and treat them well. We are committed to understanding the unique requirements of our various Bureaus and Offices, and deliver services that meet those requirements.


Value our number one asset - our people. We value a highly skilled, enthusiastic, motivated, and diverse workforce. We are committed to breaking down workplace barriers and working together in order to provide an organization where all members have an equal opportunity for success.

Collaboration and Transparency

Promote advocacy and support for program and Bureau operations in all financial and related functional areas. Provide transparency into our processes through open access and collaboration. Leverage the knowledge that exists across the Department to achieve collective success.


Most of the Office of Financial Management staff work in either Washington, DC or Denver, CO. There are some staff who work remotely.

Main Interior Office

1849 C Street, NW
Mailstop 5530
Washington, DC 20240

Office of Financial Management West

7401 W Mansfield Avenue
Mailstop D-2790
Lakewood, CO 80225

Custodial Reporting Division

PO Box 25165
Mailstop 63210B
Denver, CO 80225