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The Office of Financial Management (PFM) is responsible for Department-wide functions related to financial and accounting policy and procedures, financial data and data integrity, financial management strategic planning, fiscal and financial reporting including Department-wide coordination of financial statements, financial management systems, the management control program and coordination of audits and audit follow-up. The Office provides executive level leadership and direction, coordinates policy development, program evaluation and guidance, and provides advocacy and support for program and bureau operations in all financial and related functional areas.

The Office of Financial Management is organized into the following six divisions to address the critical financial management issues that confront the U.S. Department of the Interior:

Financial Reporting Division (FRD) - is responsible for leading the preparation of the Department's Agency Financial Report (AFR) and managing Interior's annual consolidated financial statement audit, preparing and submitting interim (quarterly) financial statements and analysis to the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and the annual financial statement closing package through Treasury's Government-wide Financial Reporting System (GFRS). FRD is also responsible for providing technical accounting and financial management guidance and feedback to bureau financial management personnel to facilitate the preparation of clear, timely, and meaningful financial reports (at both the bureau and Department levels). FRD represents the Department on various Government-wide financial management committees, teams, and task forces such as the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board's (FASAB) Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee (AAPC), the US Standard General Ledger's (USSGL) Issues Resolution Committee (IRC), and OMB's Circular A-136 Workgroup.

Internal Control and Audit Follow-Up Division (ICAF) - is responsible for ensuring compliance with the full scope of the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-123 and related appendices to include performance and oversight of compliance testing. Ongoing expansion of the A-123 requirements (Appendices A, B, and C) has significantly increased the participation and involvement of staff members in various bureau internal control assessments to ensure that programs have developed a comprehensive, integrated risk-based system of review. The Division is also responsible for closing audit recommendations, monitoring the Department's audit follow-up, and resolving disputed audit findings and recommendations among bureaus, Departmental offices, and the OIG.

Departmental Offices Finance Division (DOF) - is responsible for the following for Departmental Offices: financial reporting; developing and implementing corrective action plans resulting from Interior's consolidated financial statement audit; providing guidance and oversight on accounting and financial management matters; and developing accounting and financial management policies.

Policy Collaboration and Operations Division (PCO) - is responsible for coordinating critical definitions of financial data necessary for reporting to OMB, Treasury, and for Department-wide decision-making and management; maintaining a master set of definitions of data and related codes; and participating in various workgroups to ensure that the interests of Interior are addressed. In addition, PCO is responsible for asset and debt management functions; maximizing the use of electronic media for communicating policies; collecting financial performance data; developing, and prescribing the Department's financial policies and procedures related to cash management and accountability, pay administration, Treasury collections; and developing cost accounting structures to support program performance cost recovery goals. The Division also manages and coordinates the Travel, Relocation, and Charge Card programs for the Departmental offices and the PFM COOP program.

Financial Systems Division (FSD) - The Office of Financial Management is a co-owner of the FBMS project and manages the existing Federal Financial System (FFS). The Division engages each bureau in preparing to implement FBMS. The FSD provides support and guidance beginning with pre-deployment activities, continuing through the implementation period, blueprinting, testing, and "go live" phases. Post-deployment support continues to ensure that deployed bureaus are prepared for the first FBMS year-end processing and audit activities. Each bureau has a designated FSD member as a focal point for issue resolution.

Office of Financial Management Staff

PFM Staff Directory - Printable

Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Director
Douglas A. Glenn
(202) 208-4701

Deputy Director
Teresa R. Hunter
(202) 208-4701

Chief of Staff
Vickie Rhodes
(202) 208-4703

Division Chiefs

Julie Ehrlichman - Departmental Offices Finance Officer
(303) 895-4174 extension 309

Vacant - Financial Reporting Division Chief

Stephen Mattingly - Financial Systems Division Chief
(202) 208-5785

Allen Lawrence - Internal Control and Audit Follow-Up Division Chief
(202) 208-3417

Melanie Navarro - Policy Collaboration and Operations Division Chief
(202) 208-6227