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The Electronic Library of Interior Policies is a library of the official, Department-wide policies and procedures for the Department of the Interior. It contains long term policies, mandatory procedures, and descriptions of major organization components, as well as selected Secretary’s Orders from 1992 to the present. Current and superseded or expired Departmental Manual Chapters and Bulletins and Memoranda are available on Electronic Library of Interior Policies.  Below you will find Departmental Manuals pertaining to the Office of Financial Management.

DM:  112DM8
Series:  Organization
Part 112:  Policy, Management and Budget
Chapter 8:  Office of Financial Management
Synopsis:  Establishes roles and responsibilities of the Office of Financial Management

DM:  205DM6
Series:  Delegation
Part 205:  General Delegations
Chapter 6:  Budget and Financial Management
Synopsis:  Delegation of miscellaneous financial authorities

DM:  205DM7
Series:  Delegation
Part 205:  General Delegations
Chapter 7:  Claims by the United States for Money or Property
Synopsis:  Delegation of authority to suspend or terminate collection activity for United States claims

DM:  205DM15
Series:  Delegation
Part 205:  General Delegations
Chapter 15:  Travel and Transportation
Synopsis:  Delegation of authorities related to travel and transportation

DM:  330DM1
Series:  Financial Management
Part 330:  General
Chapter 15:  Issuance of Instructions
Synopsis:  Describes the objectives of financial policies and accounting standards

DM:  330DM2
Series:  Financial Management
Part 330:  General
Chapter 2:  Principal Authoritative Sources for Financial Policies and Accounting Standards
Synopsis:  Lists and describes Federal authorities that Department of the Interior must comply with in recording and reporting financials

DM:  330DM3
Series:  Financial Management
Part 330:  General
Chapter 3:  DOI Financial Management/Accounting Organization
Synopsis:  Describes DOI and bureau financial management organization and respective responsibilities

DM:  340DM1
Series:  Financial Management
Part 340:  Management Accountability and Control
Chapter 1:  General Policy and Responsibilities
Synopsis:  Provides for bureau compliance with Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act and to improve accountability and effectiveness of programs and operations management controls

DM:  341DM1
Series:  Financial Management
Part 341:  Financial Management Systems
Chapter 1:  Policies and Responsibilities
Synopsis:  Describes policies and authorities and assigns responsibilities for financial management

DM:  347DM1
Series:  Financial Management
Part 347:  Travel and Transportation of Employees
Chapter 1:  Travel Policy Issuance System
Synopsis:  Describes policy and responsibilities for implementing and issuing policies for travel, transportation, and relocation allowances

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