FY 2015 Agency Financial Report

FY2015 AFR cover image

The Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 Agency Financial Report provides important financial and performance information for the Department of the Interior (DOI). It is DOI's principal publication to Congress and the American people on the stewardship, management, and leadership of the public funds and resources entrusted to us.  For the nineteenth straight year, the consolidated financial statements in this report received a clean (unmodified) opinion from an independent auditing firm.  In addition, DOI successfully addressed the one prior year material weakness.  Unfortunately, two material weaknesses as well as a significant deficiency were noted in our FY 2015 audit.  We are confident they will be addressed in FY 2016.


FY 2015 Data Visualization

The DOI continues to believe in the insight, flexibility, and value of alternative reporting methods, such as data visualization (i.e., putting a picture on the numbers).  Data visualization allows readers to identify trends, relationships, patterns, and to easily absorb vast amounts of information quickly.  These interactive presentations also allow readers to focus on certain aspects of the data that are important to them, thus expanding the audience and increasing transparency.


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