FY 2015 Data Visualization

Click on any of the images below to launch the interactive dashboards.

Providing Value to the American People

Explore a unique dataset from each Bureau that highlights their mission and demonstrates the value provided to the American people.

Visualization Value

Interact with the data - Examples: recreation visits, economic contributions, land acreages, power generation, completed reclamation projects, and oil and gas production leasing, etc. 


Building Footprint

Explore the Department of Interior Building Footprint as of September 30, 2015.

Building Visualization

Interact with the data - Examples:  bureau, location, use, ownership, and building size.


Estimated Royalties

Explore estimated present values of future Federal royalty receipts on proved oil, gas and coal reserves.

Department of the Interior Estimated Royalties

Interact with the data – Examples:  region and producing counties with Federal leases.


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