Former Representatives of Guam

Guam and the United States Virgin Islands were both granted and have had a delegate in the United States House of Representatives since 1973.

1973 – 1985: T.H. Antonio Borja Won Pat (D)

Congressman Won Pat served in the 93rd, 94th, 95th, 96th, 97th and 98th  Sessions of Congress.

1985 – 1993: T.H. Ben Garrido Blaz (R)

Congressman Blaz served in the 99th, 100th, 101st, 102nd Sessions of Congress.

1993 – 2003: T.H. Robert Anacletus Underwood (D)

Congressman Underwood served in the 103rd, 104th, 105th, 106th and 107th Sessions of Congress.

2003 – present: T.H. Madeleine Bordallo (D)

Congresswoman Bordallo has been serving in the U.S. House of Representatives since the beginning of 2003 in the 108th Session of Congress and was most recently re-elected in November 2006 to serve in the 110th Congress which begins in 2007 and ends in 2009.

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