Records Disposition Schedules

Listed below are the currently active and approved Records Disposition Schedules for the Department of the Interior.  Those items listed under the Departmental Records Schedule (DRS) section are department-wide schedules and supersede any corresponding bureau schedules and General Records Schedule where applicable.  Since the DRS is rolling out in phases, many bureau schedules are still active.  For this reason, the crosswalks from the bureau schedules to the DRS are provided.  In addition, links have been provided to all available bureau records schedules.

Departmental Records Schedule

  • Administrative Schedule and Crosswalk - Records schedules covering General Administrative, Human Resources, Finance & Acquisition, and Information Technology records.
  • Mission Schedule and Crosswalk - Under Construction
  • Policy Schedule and Crosswalk - Records schedules covering Controls and Oversight, Judicial and Legislative Affairs, Public Affairs, Regulatory Development, and Policy-Related Special Media.
  • Legal, Regulatory Compliance, and Enforcement Schedule and Crosswalk - Under Construction

Bureau Records Schedules

If your bureau is not listed above, or if you have questions on how to correctly apply any of the Records Disposition Schedules, please contact the Responsible Records Officer for your bureau or office.

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