OAS Technical Services Division

Walker Craig

Chief, OAS Technical Services Division

300 E Mallard Dr., Suite 200
Boise, ID 83706

Phone: 208-433-5077

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is responsible for maintaining the aircraft owned by the Department. Computerized maintenance records are kept on each fleet aircraft to insure that appropriate maintenance is being performed and that each aircraft is maintained in an airworthy condition. Computerized maintenance records make it possible to accurately forecast major maintenance months and years ahead of time to coincide with the budgeting process. 

Aircraft Use Report Manager

The Aircraft Use Report Manager (AURM) is used to create small aircraft use report data files which are emailed to OASfleetmanager@ios.doi.gov for uploading into the FBMS system. Download the latest version of the AURM by selecting the appropriate link below, these files are compressed in .zip format.

Technical Services has also developed a "next generation" Aircraft Use Report Manager application for iPads. Because the AURMA is not released to the public, it is not available on the iTunes app store. Instead, contact Fleet Services (208-433-5077), for an invitation to the download website.

Standards and Specifications

Standards and Specifications provides technical aviation contract specifications development, development of standards for flight crews and aviation operations, assistance for equipment research and development, expertise for specialized aviation projects, and inspections of commercial vendors, pilots, aircraft, and ground facilities.

  • Inspection Forms
    Inspectors: All inspection forms are available in bulk from the Technical Services Division at 208-433-5077 for next day delivery.

Technical Services Documents & Forms

Please visit the Document Library for more OAS publications.

Inspection Standards

Fleet Services

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