Office of Aviation Services

The Office of Aviation Services was established by the Secretary of the Interior on July 1, 1973 to "Raise the safety standards, increase the efficiency, and promote the economical operation of aircraft activities in the Department of the Interior."

OAS's vision is to attain and sustain zero aircraft accidents across DOI.

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Office of Aviation Services: DOI Special Use Missions

  • Aviation Safety

    It is an OAS philosophy that no mission is so important that people should be exposed to unnecessary risk and that, safety should be first, each and every time, in everything we do.
  • Aviation Training

    The OAS Training Mission is to develop, provide and implement a professional aviation user training program to meet Department of the Interior and Interagency partner needs.
  • Technical Services

    The Technical Services Division is responsible for commercial aircraft services specification development, oversight of the Departmental pilot flight standardization program for DOI owned fleet aircraft, and management and coordination of aircraft engineering needs and maintenance management.
  • Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

    The use of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) is a new frontier for DOI with unbridled potential. OAS is responsible for the development of a comprehensive and actionable UAS strategy for the Department of the Interior.
  • Acquisition Services

    IBC's Acquisition Services Directorate (AQD) is responsible for the acquisition of a full suite of commercial aviation services supporting each bureau in the Department of the Interior, as well as many external customers.
  • Document Library

    The OAS Document Library contains Policy documents such as the Departmental Manual and Operational Procedures Memoranda. Additionally, it contains Aviation Handbooks, Information Bulletins, Forms, and Safety and Tech Related Bulletins.