The Office of Wildland Fire

The Office of Wildland Fire (OWF) coordinates the Department's wildland fire program with tribes and other Federal and non-federal partners to establish policies and budgets that are consistent and within the bureaus' statutory authorities and supports the principles and goals of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy.  

OWF commits to, and provides, the strategic leadership and oversight to advance the three goals of the Cohesive Strategy to:  1) restore and maintain fire-resilient landscapes; 2) create fire-adapted communities that will withstand the effects of a wildfire without the loss of life and/or property; and 3) safely and effectively respond to wildfire.

OWF Vision and Mission

Vision:  Risk to wildland firefighters, communities, and landscapes is eliminated.  Communities and landscapes benefit from management of wildland fire.

Mission:  OWF coordinates the Department's wildland fire program and provides the strategic leadership and oversight that result in a safe, cohesive, efficient, and effective wildland fire program for the Nation.

For more information about the OWF and the Federal wildland fire management organization, please follow the links under About OWF.

OWF maintains two office locations:  

Main Interior Building:
1849 C St., NW MS-2660
Washington, DC 20240

Lake Pointe Office:
300 E. Mallard Dr., Ste. 170
Boise, ID 83706

Photo of Burnout Operation on wildfire in AK with Department and Bureau logos
FY 2015 Wildland Fire Management Annual Report
Wildfire photo at night
A set of tools are provided here to inform interested parties about current, active wildfires and the Department's wildland fire management program.