The foundation of our wildfire response lies in a network of airtanker bases, crew quarters, emergency dispatch centers, and other buildings that provide a home for firefighters, support staff, and their equipment. The Facilities Program funds construction and maintenance work throughout the Department of the Interior.

Two employees clean and repair fire equipment at a fire facility.

Two employees clean and repair fire equipment at the National Interagency Fire Center, where repair and refurbishment facilities support wildland fire management. Photo by BLM. 

Quick Facts

  • $10 million: money appropriated to this program in Fiscal Year 2024
  • 9: projects funded in Fiscal Year 2023
  • 7: projects completed in Fiscal Year 2022

Funded Projects:

  • Richfield Fire Station Repair
  • Grass Valley Fire Crew Quarters Repair 
  • El Portal Wildland Fire Barracks Construction (Phase 1 of 2) 
  • Salmon Fire Crew Quarter Construction 
  • Lewistown Fire Crew Quarters Construction 
  • Piedmont Fire Bunking Facilities Replacement 
  • Big Cypress Fire Station Replacement (Phase 2 of 2) 
  • Logandale Fire Crew Quarters Sprinkler System Renovation 
  • Pahrump Fire Crew Quarters Sprinkler System Renovation 
  • Piedmont Fire Cache Building Renovation 
  • Imperial Building Fire Cache Replacement 
  • Minidoka Fire Equipment Storage Replacement 
  • Architectural and Engineering Design for several facilities

Every year, Interior bureau staff prioritize their shared wildland fire facility needs and develop a maintenance and capital improvement plan. The plan brings together the competing priorities within the bureaus. The final plan lists the projects in priority order, focusing on critical health and safety, public safety and resource protection, achieving sustainability goals, and decreasing long-term operation and maintenance costs. 

Staff in the Office of Wildland Fire help craft the annual budget justification and track the money spent on approved projects.

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