Services Provided by the Office of Wildland Fire

The Office of Wildland Fire champions a cohesive, consistent, and effective Wildland Fire Management Program by providing services that support the needs of field operations, fire managers, and Department leadership.

  • Budget

    The Office of Wildland Fire oversees the preparation and execution of a department-wide, annual budget to ensure that policy and priorities remain consistent across the four bureaus managing wildland fire. This coordination also promotes efficiency within the Department and alignment with goals set by Congress and the executive branch.
  • Policy

    Policy development occurs at all levels of the federal government. Staff in the Office of Wildland Fire develop and review federal policy related to wildland fire management to ensure consistent and effective program implementation across the Department of the Interior and our many partners.
  • Technology

    Fire managers need reliable information to make informed, timely decisions. Modern technology offers exciting new ways to gather and share wildland fire management data. Office of Wildland Fire staff support technology consolidation and development that puts the right information in the right hands at the right time.