Wildland Firefighter Medical Standards

​The Department of the Interior is authorized under 5 Code of Federal Regulations 339 - Medical Qualification Determinations to require wildland firefighter medical standards [pdf] for fire positions considered arduous. All arduous wildland firefighters are required to participate in an initial, comprehensive exam and then subsequent periodic exams during their career.

In 2022, the Interior Department’s Wildland Fire Medical Standards Program began transitioning to a new medical exam system. This will not affect how exams are conducted but will increase information security and data protection of personal and medical information.

Training for the new medical standards system will be available for all users. Those who need to verify the medical qualification status of firefighters will be required to complete additional steps prior to accessing the new system.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the complexity of medical exams and the medical standards program, but each of these processes help to enhance the safety of our firefighting workforce. These frequently asked questions are here to help you through the process! 

For one-on-one technical assistance or questions, please contact us at: wlffcsr@blm.gov.