Wildland Firefighter Medical Standards

​​Wildland firefighters perform rigorous tasks as a regular part of their job. To minimize the chance of injury or fatigue, they must maintain physical fitness. For the safety of each wildland firefighter and those working alongside them, those in fire positions considered arduous must meet certain medical standards.


The Interior Department's Wildland Fire Medical Standards Program helps to reduce workplace injuries by identifying emerging health trends and applying federal interagency medical standards across the department's bureaus with wildland firefighting responsibilities.

This program is essential for the safety of our wildland firefighting workforce, and we make every attempt to streamline the medical standards process. This process ensures you are physically able to carry out the duties required of a wildland firefighter and can help you identify any emerging health issue and seek treatment before it becomes serious.

Federal Interagency Medical Standards

The Federal Interagency Medical Standards establishes the medical qualifications needed to perform the work of a wildland firefighter with arduous duties. These standards ensure firefighters can perform their jobs safely in any environment without endangering themselves or becoming a hazard to their colleagues. The Interior Department adheres to these standards.

Medical Qualifications

All those who participate in arduous wildland fire activities must complete a comprehensive baseline medical qualification exam, with subsequent periodic exams every three years. Learn what defines arduous duty wildland fire positions in the Essential Functions and Work Conditions of a Wildland Firefighter factsheet.

Those who receive a rating of qualified or qualified with a risk mitigation waiver must complete a self-certification each year that an exam is not required. They must receive a qualification certification prior to attempting the arduous work capacity test.

The medical qualification exam self-certification process is available through the Acuity MLINK Portal.