Level 2 Risk Mitigation-Waiver Process

Fire personnel on the Sieber Fire near Grand Junction, CO.  Photo by: Eric Coulter, BLM

Those who received a not qualified (static and stable) determination from the reviewing medical officer and did not receive a favorable decision from the first level of the risk mitigation and waiver review process may request a second-level review.

The second level of the risk mitigation and waiver review process is completed by the Interior Department's Medical Review Board.


  • 15 days to request a second-level risk mitigation and waiver review
  • 10 days for human resources staff to notify you that the process is complete if they decline to participate 
  • 30 days for the Medical Standards Program to schedule the Medical Review Board review
  • 10 days for the management official to communicate a final decision to you after receiving a recommendation from the Medical Review Board


When you request a second-level review, your human resources staff will forward your file to the Department's Medical Standards Program. The Medical Review Board will convene and review your risk mitigation and waiver request.

The Medical Review Board will provide a recommendation to the management official, who will make the final risk mitigation and waiver decision. 

Once a final decision has been rendered, your qualification status will be noted in your file.

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