Equipment Technology

The Department of the Interior pursues technological innovation to promote a wildland fire response that lowers risk for people and communities, increases efficiency, and reduces the overall costs to the American taxpayers.

Two wildland fire engines parked in a meadow

Two wildland fire engines stand ready to respond to spot fires during a prescribed fire in southern Idaho. The Department of the Interior is working to integrate tracking technology so managers can view the location of resources on an incident in real-time. (DOI/Neal Herbert)

Location Technology

The ability to track the location of people and equipment offers a promising way to increase wildfire management safety and efficiency. Having a real-time view of resources on a wildland fire incident enables fire managers to adjust their strategies and tactics more quickly as conditions on the ground change, and as they think about the potential for new incidents that may need firefighters and equipment. 

DOI collaborated with the USDA Forest Service to develop requirements for tracking technology in wildfire operations. The Bureau of Land Management has installed and activated satellite terminals on all the bureau’s wildland fire engines, dozers, water tenders, and other support vehicles.

Other Equipment Technology

DOI and its bureaus also maintain a robust equipment program to provide the latest equipment technology for wildland fire management. This includes technology for wildland fire apparatus, like engines, and radios, Remote Automated Weather Stations, and other critical equipment needed for efficient and safe wildland fire management.



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