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Helping Seasoned Wildland Fire Professionals Train the Next Generation


One of the greatest challenges in wildland fire education is that individual instructors also have day jobs, and opportunities to learn how to be better teachers have been limited. A new partnership with the University of Kentucky’s Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching provided an opportunity this spring for wildland fire instructors to improve their teaching techniques so they can help the next generation of wildland fire professionals develop new skills.

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Welcome to FireNet, Where Wildland Fire Agencies Collaborate


With tens of thousands of wildland firefighting agencies spread throughout the U.S., achieving seamless information sharing and communication has historically been complex. FireNet provides a shared, secure single point of access to facilitate national wildland fire management across personnel from diverse organizations, regardless of affiliation.

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A New Study Gives Federal Wildland Firefighters an Opportunity to Inform the Development of Health and Wellbeing Programs


This summer, federal wildland firefighters with the Interior and Agriculture departments are invited to participate in a rigorous scientific study of firefighter health and wellbeing, including occupational hazards and mental health impacts. This study by the CDC National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and UC Berkley will enable wildland fire agencies to hear directly from the firefighters impacted by the growing demands of more frequent, severe wildland fires.

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