Wildland Fire

The Office of Wildland Fire supports wildland fire management across the Interior Department. We strategically invest more than $1.75 billion dollars each year to reduce wildfire risk, respond to wildfires, rehabilitate burned landscapes, promote a better understanding of wildfire, and support the wildland fire workforce.

  • The Folsom Lake Veterans’ Crew. Photo by Joe Bradshaw, BLM.
    Working to ensure an equitably-compensated, well-supported, year-round wildland fire workforce


  • Smudged wildland firefighters smile for a selfie.
    No matter your skill set, there's a job for you in wildland fire!

    Working in Wildland Fire

  • A firefighter works on a prescribed fire at sunset in southern Florida. Photo by NPS.
    We are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing—including mental health—of our wildland fire personnel.

    Health and Wellbeing

  • A wildland firefighter sprays water on a fire. By Colby Neal, BLM.
    Through suppression operations, we work to extinguish wildfires, change the path of a fire, and minimize damage.


  • A wildland firefighter saws through dense foliage. Photo by Joe Bradshaw, BLM.
    We strategically remove grasses, shrubs, and trees to restore ecosystems and moderate wildfire activity.

    Fuels Management

  • A line of wildland firefighters walks away from the camera through a forest. A white truck is parked ahead of them. The trees and ground around them are partially scorched. Photo by Austin Catlin, BLM.
    The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides a historic $1.5 billion in additional funding over five years for the Interior Department's wildland fire management.

    Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

  • Two wildland firefighters from the Snake River Hotshots Crew stand on a small rise overlooking flames burning in tall, dried grass. Black smoke rises from the flames. The fire and smoke fade to the left, and snow-covered peaks are visible in the distance.
    We develop and review federal policy related to wildland fire management to ensure consistent, effective implementation.


  • A water bomber drops water on a fire. Photo by Mike McMillan, BLM.
    We oversee the Interior Department's annual wildland fire management budget to ensure that more than $1.75 billion is invested strategically.