CRADAs - Cooperative Research & Development Agreements

A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) is any formal written agreement between one or more Federal laboratories and one or more non-Federal parties under which:

  • The government, through its laboratories, provides personnel, services, facilities, equipment, intellectual property, or other resources.
  • No funds may be provided by the Federal laboratories to the non-Federal parties.
  • The non-Federal parties may provide funds, personnel, services, facilities, equipment, intellectual property, or other resources toward the conduct of specified research or development efforts that are consistent with the missions of the bureau.
  • Any property and equipment provided under technology transfer mechanisms will be provided in accordance with established property management policies and procedures.

CRADA forms

  • USGS forms & templates
  • CRADA cover sheet
  • CRADA templates
  • Additional forms from handbook
    • Form 1: Industrial Participant Questionnaire
    • Form 2: Samples of Federal Register Announcements
    • Form 3: The CRADA Document
    • Form 4: Discipline Proposal
    • Form 5: Conflict of Interest Statement
    • Forms 6a-6b: CRADA Decision-Tree and CRADA Criteria Checklist
    • Form 7: Discipline Recommendation Memorandum
    • Form 8: Transmittal Letter
    • Form 9: Report of Invention Form
    • Form 10: CRADA Report
  • Reclamation CRADA Form