Organization Structure

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Solicitor – Robert Anderson

Principal Deputy Solicitor – Ann Marie Bledsoe Downes

Immediate Office of the Solicitor:

Deputy Solicitor, Energy and Mineral Resources – Travis Annatoyn 
Deputy Solicitor, General Law – Jacek Pruski
Deputy Solicitor, Indian Affairs – Joel Williams
Deputy Solicitor, Land Resources – Natalie Landreth 
Deputy Solicitor, Parks and Wildlife – Sarah Krakoff
Deputy Solicitor, Water Resources – (Vacant)
Advisor to the Solicitor – Laura Bloomer
Advisor to the Solicitor – Zaheer Tajani

Headquarters Offices:

  • Associate Solicitor, Administration – Marc Smith
  • Associate Solicitor, General Law – Tony Irish (Acting)
  • Associate Solicitor, Indian Affairs – Eric Shepard
  • Associate Solicitor, Land Resources – Aaron Moody
  • Associate Solicitor, Mineral Resources – Karen Hawbecker
  • Associate Solicitor, Parks and Wildlife – Dondrae Maiden
  • Associate Solicitor, Water Resources – Carter Brown
  • Departmental Ethics Office Director and DAEO – Heather Gottry
  • Departmental FOIA Office Director and DCFO – Rachel Spector
  • Director, Indian Trust Litigation Office – Kristen Kokinos (Acting)

Regional and Field Offices:

  • Alaska Regional Solicitor, Anchorage, Alaska – Seth Deam
  • Intermountain Regional Solicitor, Salt Lake City, Utah – Erik Petersen
    • Field Solicitor, Phoenix, Arizona – Joshua Edelstein
  • Northeast Regional Solicitor, Twin Cities, Minnesota – Teresa Garrity (Acting)
    • Field Solicitor, Boston, Massachusetts – Andrew Tittler (Acting)
  • Pacific Northwest Regional Solicitor, Portland, Oregon – Frank Wilson (Acting)
    • Field Solicitor, Boise, Idaho – Dusty Parson
  • Pacific Southwest Regional Solicitor, Sacramento, California – Lance Wenger
  • Rocky Mountain Regional Solicitor, Denver, Colorado – Michael Williams 
    • Field Solicitor, Billings, Montana – Bryan Wilson (Acting)
  • Southeast Regional Solicitor, Atlanta, Georgia – Shannon Goessling
    • Field Solicitor, Knoxville, Tennessee – Annette Tarnawsky
  • Southwest Regional Solicitor, Albuquerque, New Mexico – Frank Lupo 
    • Field Solicitor, Tulsa, Oklahoma – Conor Cleary

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