About the FOIA Program

The organizational structure of the Department's FOIA Program mirrors the decentralized structure of the Department itself. The Department does not have a central location for submitting FOIA requests and it does not maintain a central index or database of records in its possession. Instead, the Department's files are decentralized and maintained by various bureaus and offices throughout the country. DOI's diverse functions and the sensitive, high profile issues with which it deals, generate a large and increasing number of FOIA requests each year.

To make a request for Department records, a requester must write directly to the bureau that maintains those records. A request to a particular bureau (for example, a request addressed to regional or field office) will be presumed to seek only records from that particular bureau, unless the request specifies otherwise.

Direct questions about where to send a FOIA request to the bureau that manages the underlying program or to the appropriate FOIA Public Liaison.

Address requests to the FOIA contact in the bureau that maintains the requested records after reviewing the FOIA Contacts page.