The ORDA is pleased to provide training to our partners working in the wide world of NRDAR. This includes the steps needed to conduct NRDAR activities following both the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) from pre-planning through assessment to restoration and monitoring. Course descriptions are provided below, as is the current schedule. 

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Personnel working as Federal, State, and Tribal Nation natural resource trustees whose responsibilities include evaluating and participating in the NRDAR process. Due to the legal sensitivity of some cases discussed, these courses are not open to the private sector.

Courses Offered

NRDAR Overview

This course provides the basics of the NRDAR process. Objectives are to introduce the steps of NRDAR, explain at which points that the public is involved in decision-making, and familiarize participants with the necessary documentation. Lessons are taught through interactive lectures in a virtual environment. This class is appropriate if you are supervising NRDAR practitioners, serve in a support role to the NRDAR process, are new to NRDAR and are planning on attending the Introductory NRDAR course, or are generally curious about NRDAR.

Introductory NRDAR

This course provides the foundations of NRDAR. Objectives are to introduce key concepts and vocabulary, understand each step of the NRDAR process, and familiarize practitioners with commonly used tools, applicable regulations, and available resources. Skills are taught through both lecture and interactive group assignments. This class is appropriate if you are new to NRDAR or have not attended an introductory NRDAR course previously.

Intermediate NRDAR

Course under development.

Advanced NRDAR

Course under development.


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Course Schedule

Will be announced soon.

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