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Names and contact information for the following elements of the Department of the Interior's Restoration Program are provided below, in the following order:

  • Office of Damage Assessment and Restoration;
  • Restoration Technical Support Group; 
  • Restoration Executive Committee; 
  • Program Economic Support;
  • Program Science Support;
  • Program Legal Support; and,
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional NRDAR Coordinators.

To conserve display space, mailing and overnight delivery addresses are not provided. If an address is needed, please contact the pertinent individual, otherwise send to:

U.S. Department of the Interior
Office of Restoration & Damage Assessment
1849 C Street NW, MS-2623
Washington, DC 20240
Contact Us for any questions or comments.

Office of Restoration and Damage Assessment

Emily Joseph, Director

Tim Hoelzle, Deputy Director

Bruce Nesslage, Budget Officer/Fund Manager

Angela Millhouse, Budget Analyst

Operations Unit

Susan Lingenfelser, Assistant Office Director for Operations

Debra Hopkins, Environmental Protection Specialist

Anthony Velasco, Environmental Protection Specialist

Chelcey Nordstrom, Environmental Protection Specialist

Samantha Foster, Outreach and Communications Specialist


Restoration Support Unit

Chip Wood, Assistant Office Director for Restoration

John Isanhart, Ecotoxicology and Restoration

Becky MacEwen, GIS & Restoration Planning

Will Smith, Restoration Specialist

Trip Krenz, Restoration Ecology

Hannah O'Neill, Restoration Ecology

Lisa Rickards, Environmental Protection Specialist

Ashley Mills, Environmental Protection Specialist


NRDAR Technical Support Group 

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Sherry Kircher, Member: (505) 389-5257 (mobile)

Bureau of Land Management

Ron McCormick, Member: (202) 912-7135 (office), (202) 495-8506 (mobile)

Bureau of Reclamation

Bobby McGough, Member: (303)-445-2940  

National Park Service

Christina Kravitz, Member: (720)-498-6082

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Erinn Shirley, Member: (703)-358-2152

NRDAR Executive Committee  

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Johnna Blackhair, Member: (615) 238-6500 

Bureau of Land Management

Brian St George, Acting Member: (303) 239-3741

Bureau of Reclamation

David Raff, Member: (202) 513-0516  

National Park Service

Guy Adema, Member: (303) 987-6697 

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Gary Frazer, Member: (202) 208-4646

Office of the Solicitor

Vacant, Member

Program Economic Support

Office of Policy Analysis

Christian Crowley, Economist: (202) 208-3799

Kristin Skrabis, Economist: (202) 208-4979

Patrick Lee, Economist: (202)-208-5978

Fish & Wildlife Service

Edward Maillett, Economist: (703) 358-2322

Pete Grigelis, Economist: (202) 208-7786

Program Science Support

U.S. Geological Survey

Jo Hinck, USGS NRDAR Coordinator: (573) 876-1808

Bethany Kunz, Restoration Science Support: 573-441-2998

Julia Towns-Campbell, Librarian: (573) 876-1853

Adrian Moore, Restoration Ecology: (573) 875-5399

Program Legal Support

Office of the Solicitor, Environmental Restoration Branch

John Carlucci, Assistant Solicitor: (202) 208-4145

Amy Horner Hanley, Attorney-Advisor: (202) 208-6356

John Rudolph, Attorney-Advisor: (202) 208-3553

Clare Cragan, Attorney-Advisor: (303) 445-0606

Deirdre Donahue, Attorney-Advisor: (503) 231-6157

Lisa Stevens, Attorney-Advisor: (202) 208-0328   

Genette Gaffney, Attorney-Advisor: (202) 208-3198  

Sarah Shattuck , Attorney-Advisor: (202) 208-3748 

Ramona Turner, Paralegal Specialist: (202) 219-0360

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Regional NRDAR Coordinators by DOI Region

DOI Unified Region 1: North Atlantic - Appalachian 

Margaret Byrne, Regional Coordinator: (413) 253-8593

DOI Unified Region 2: South Atlantic - Gulf

Brian Spears, Regional Coordinator: (251) 928-9765  

DOI Unified Region 3: Great Lakes 

Aleshia Kenney, Regional Coordinator: (309) 757-5800 x218

DOI Unified Region 4: Mississippi Basin 

Brian Spears, Regional Coordinator: (251) 928-9765  

DOI Unified Region 5: Missouri Basin

Kevin Burgess, Regional Coordinator: (303)-236-4262

DOI Unified Region 6: Arkansas - Rio Grande - Texas Gulf

Suzanne Dunn, Acting Regional Coordinator: (918) 382-4521 

DOI Unified Region 7: Upper Colorado Basin

Suzanne Dunn, Acting Regional Coordinator: (918) 382-4521  [NM]

VACANT, Regional Coordinator: [CO, UT, WY]

DOI Unified Region 8: Lower Colorado Basin

Damian Higgins, Regional Coordinator: (916) 414-6548 [S. CA, S. NV]

Suzanne Dunn, Acting Regional Coordinator: (918) 382-4521  [AZ]

DOI Unified Region 9: Columbia - Pacific NW

Matt Parry, Regional Coordinator: [ID, OR, WA]

VACANT, Regional Coordinator: [W. MT]

DOI Unified Region 10: California Great - Basin 

Damian Higgins, Regional Coordinator: (916) 414-6548

DOI Unified Region 11: Alaska 

Veronica Varela, Regional Coordinator: (907) 786-3866

DOI Unified Region 12: Pacific Islands 

Matt Parry, Regional Coordinator:

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