Restoring the Gulf of Mexico After the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

The April 2010 Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico resulted in the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history.
The Department of the Interior plays a key role in many restoration efforts. Two of our largest endeavors are in the implementation of the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment (DWH NRDA) and RESTORE Act.
A map of our approved restoration projects funded by these efforts describes each project and shows its location.  
On April 4, 2016, a historic $20.8 billion global settlement agreement with BP was reached. According to the settlement, BP will pay the Trustees up to $8.8 billion for restoration to address injuries to natural resources. These funds will be used to implement the Trustees' Programmatic Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan and Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement. 
The settlement also includes $5.5 billion in Clean Water Act penalties. As required by the RESTORE Act, 80% of those funds will be directed to Gulf restoration as determined by the RESTORE Council members. 

Restoration Planning and Implementation Announcements:

  • Water quality sampling in a muddy creek
    The Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group has released its fourth restoration plan. This plan includes projects to partially restore injuries to wetlands, coastal, and nearshore habitats; reduce nutrient pollution (nonpoint source); and provide and enhance recreational opportunities to compensate for lost recreational use in the Mississippi Restoration Area as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

    MS TIG Releases Final Restoration Plan 1/3/24

  • Gannet
    The Open Ocean Trustee Implementation Group released its Final Open Ocean Restoration Plan 3 on September 15, 2023. The restoration plan includes seven projects, with a combined budget of $33 million, that will help restore seabirds that were injured by the oil spill and are found in the Gulf of Mexico. The projects are scheduled to begin implementation within the next year.

    $33 Million for Seabird Restoration Approved by Deepwater Horizon Trustees

  • Schematic of Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Project
    Read about the final plan and download the plan executive summary and fact sheet.

    LA TIG Releases Final Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Project Plan 9/21/22

  • Aerial view of Terrebonne HNC Island
    Read the LA TIG Final Restoration Plan 7.1.

    LA TIG Releases Final Plan for Terrebonne HNC Island Restoration 11/28/2022

  • Roseate spoonbill
    Read the Final Restoration Plan 7.

    LA TIG Releases Final Restoration Plan #7 11/23/2020

  • Read the Final Restoration Plan 2.

    MS TIG Releases Final Restoration Plan 2 9/14/2020

  • LA TIG Final Plan #6

    LA TIG Restoration Plan #6 Final 4/10/20

  • Read the plan.

    LA TIG Restoration Plan #1.3 for Rabbit Island and Jean Lafitte Projects Final 2/26/20

  • Read the Restoration Plan III for two bird and five recreation projects.

    AL TIG Restoration Plan III Final Released 12/20/19