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We are passionate, dedicated and resilient. We protect America's past, present and future. We are the Department of the Interior. Being a part of a community, part of Jemez,|I felt like I needed to give to my community and I love what I do. By being in service to Yosemite, I'm in service|to the United States. But I'm also, because it's a World Heritage|Site, I'm in service to the world. And I think by giving, you receive far more|in return. We enhance the lives of children in all the|Native communities. We preserve the memory of America. I actually went to school online, working|on my Master's. So I worked full-time and went to school full-time. My manager at the time was like, I see a drive|in you and it's whatever you want to do. I hired in out of college and I took a chance,|took the job and I'm still here 20 years later. So it's worth the risk. Don't let any opportunity pass you by. The BLM sustains use for present and future|generations for sustaining yield. We protect the environment by making sure|coal mines operate in an effective manner. My work challenges me all of the time. I am learning new skills. Right now, I'm doing computer modeling, which|is something I never thought I would have ventured into but, it is so much fun. I wake up wondering like, what is my first|email going to be and what am I going to have to figure out in order to solve that problem. There's always gonna be a problem that shows|up and that's exciting to me. I love problem-solving. Water, power and people. We help connect all of those things. We provide science that protects and enhances|life. I really love, I love my work and I love my|job. To me that's a big factor if you have to wake|up every single day and enjoy the job that you have to go and do. And I really like the work. I think everybody in the HR office would agree|that one of the most fun things is offering jobs to people, because they get so excited. That's what gets me out of bed every day. It's really thinking about who will make a|difference, who can contribute to the work that I'm doing and how do we work or build|something together and move it forward. We promote safety, protect the environment|and conserve offshore resources. Our work supports the missions of agencies|throughout the government. We protect fish, wildlife and their habitats. We protect America's greatest natural and|cultural resources. Come join us. Come join us. Come, join us. [Music]

The Department of the Interior employs over 70,000 individuals across 2,400 operating locations and 9 bureaus/offices. Hear from our employees what makes DOI a great place to work.