Steve Sobieszczyk - Who works at USGS?


In terms of personalities, what kinds of people tend to work for USGS?
Kinds of personalities, wow.
I could get really precise on this one if you want, but the personalities are in a range.
Like, you could follow the stereotype that, we are a science agency, and traditionally
scientists tend to be introverted, quiet, they keep to themselves.
They do the work that they do.
They're very proud of it.
They're very good at it.
But they don't mingle or don't, you know, engage too much beyond that.
That's now shifting a little bit more.
It's sort of, I don';t know if it's a generational shift, where that was the old way of doing
Now, where we have a social media world, the new hires, the younger staff that are
in are much more engaged.
They're much more interested in not just doing the work, but also sharing the work.
So, there is a kind of change, a cultural shift of sorts between what used to be the
way of, "Just shut up and do your work."
Now it's like, "I'm doing this?
Ha-ha, look it's on Instagram!"
And kind of making light of it.
So, it's a nice mixture now where you kind of have the traditional way and sort of the
new way of things.

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