Steve Sobieszczyk on the USGS Culture


Can you describe the culture of your office?
The culture of my office. So, when it
comes to the natural world and the
environmental aspects of science and of
geology and being outdoors, our culture
is one of, we love nature. We love being
outside. We want to protect it. We want to
be involved in it. So, it will not be
uncommon for people to go kayaking on
the job to do something and then a day
later, the weekend rolls around, to go
again kayaking to do it for fun. So it is
a culture of one with nature and one of
appreciation for what it is that we do
as scientists, but also appreciating what
we have around us. And it’s kind of, it
runs through from top to bottom in our,
in our office.

USGS Hydrologist Steve Sobieszczyk in Portland, OR describes the culture at USGS. Learn more at