Steve Sobieszczyk on Public Service


What does Public Service mean to you?
So public service to me has always been
it’s been a lifelong goal of mine. I like
helping others. That brings me personal
satisfaction. Like I’ve never been big
into needing money, fancy cars. I like to
see other people smile. I like to see
other people know that you know, they
matter. What they do matters. If I can
help them with that, then that makes me
happy so I can go to bed at night
knowing that I did something good. That’s
more important to me than, you know,
once again, driving a Maserati or
something like that. So that’s just my
life. Other people have different
priorities. I like satisfaction. I like
happiness. I like to be able to actually
feel good about what’s going on.


USGS Hydrologist Steve Sobieszczyk in Portland, OR shares what public service means to him. Learn more at