OSMRE Natalie Carter – How does your work challenge you?


How does your work challenge you? The most
challenging part of my job is when I've
my set duties that I do on a regular,
routine basis and then something comes
along and kind of throws that out of
whack. And becomes more important and
more upfront, needed more immediately.
It's a more immediate kind of a pressing
need for whatever it is I'm being asked
to do. So, but I can say, even under those
circumstances that my boss is very good
about, you know, telling me this is a
hard deadline. You can't miss it.
Versus that other stuff can wait, so,
and that's the thing. I, my boss is
very approachable.
I can ask, I can call him up on the phone
and ask him anytime I need clarification
for anything I'm doing, and what his
priorities are and what he needs. So it's
very nice, it's, I lucked out, I really
lucked out on my boss. He's really a
great guy and I see, I see a lot of
really great managers within OSM. I
don't think he's unique in that field.

OSMRE Mine Inspection Supervisor Natalie Carter in Beckley, WV shares how her work challenges her.