Millie Jimenez on NPS culture


Can you talk more about the culture
of Grand Teton? Yeah, it's weird.
So it's funny, like I, when I was
younger, I didn't like ever think that
people really enjoyed going to work. Like
in my head, like people just like went to
work to like go to work because that's
like how they got money, but like in
this place, where I work, these people
that I'm surrounded by, are like
passionate about what they're doing. They
want to come into work and like do
interpretation and teach, or want to do
the science that they're doing or like
are excited about whatever it is they're
doing. And let's like the coolest thing
to think about, because like if they're
excited, that means I get excited about
like teaching someone else that there's
like these jobs.


NPS Community Engagement Coordinator Millie Jimenez at Grand Teton National Park shares what it’s like to work at the NPS.