Millie Jimenez on being valued at NPS


When do you feel most valued or
appreciated in your work?
I have a great group of co-workers that
make me feel valued and make me feel
like I have a place. Grand Teton is like
an extension of my family now. And that's
something else that I was unprepared
for. When you think about a job, you think
about like Monday through Friday 8:00 to
5:00 and you go home and do your own
personal things, but I live and work with
the people that are around here. So, not
only do I see them in the morning, but I
get to, like I'm excited to go home and
plan something social with them. And I,
that is like super huge because it makes
me feel like super good about the work
that I'm doing and they, we have like
really cool conversations about what
what's going on. And like people are just
willing to help and support and do
anything they can to like contribute to
whatever it is you're doing. And so like
this working with each other and working
alongside of each other makes everything
feel like nice and like you should be


NPS Community Engagement Coordinator Millie Jimenez at Grand Teton National Park shares what makes her feel valued at NPS.