Kemba Anderson on working at BLM


What do you appreciate most about the BLM?
I've had several occasions, I worked in
various BLM offices, whether it be a field
office of state office. One advantage of
being in the state office, you actually
do get a chance to have face-to-face
contact with the State Director. And
what is unique, regardless of how many
employees you have, they actually know your
name on the first name basis. When I was
in the Eastern states, Mike Nedd was my
first state director, who's currently
acting assistant director of BLM, you
know gives your hand shake, hey what
are you doing? You know want to know
everything you're doing. My current state
director, John Ruhs, you know this common,
you know, level hey, blah, blah, blah,
come have a seat.
Tell me what what this project is going on.
You know, even though sometimes we have
to be formal but, most of time they're
just laid-back because they've come up through
the ranks and they remember what it's like
to be a GS-4 or GS-9. And they just want
to make sure that they're giving back to
the employees so that they're giving the
best experience possible to further their career.

BLM Branch Chief Fluid Minerals Kemba Anderson in Reno, NV shares what she appreciates about the Bureau of Land Management.