Kemba Anderson on student opportunities


Do you have any last thoughts that you
want to share about your work, about your
experience at BLM? As I said before, I
started as a SCEP student. And one
myth that I think people look at the
definition of a student is that a
student could be someone that is 19,
could be someone to 60, someone that's
actually furthering their education. So
don't look at the title student as being
your hindrance of not being able to get
into the government. It's one of the
avenues, because you never know what your
life experience or career could bring in
and give back to the community as well as
bettering the government. And because we,
it's kind of going back to the forefathers. We
are for the people and by the people. So
in order to improve the agency, you know,
it's open to ideas.

BLM Branch Chief Fluid Minerals Kemba Anderson in Reno, NV has some advice for students in the government workforce.