Delissa Padilla on what makes FWS unique


What is something surprising or something
that a lot of people don't know about
the Fish and Wildlife Service? Ah, that, it
probably will be unknown to some people
the diverse careers that we have. Someone
might think that just someone that
person was a career in, pursues a career
in science, it's what we will have as
professionals. But we have all different
type of field areas of expertise in our
agency and we have, we need people who
who are master in finance. We need
people who can, we have lawyers. We have
scientists of course, and then we have
people that do education. So it's pretty
diverse all the spectrums of the
different careers that are part of really
becoming or part of being in the Fish
and Wildlife and also working in

FWS Region 6 Urban Program Coordinator Delissa Padilla in Denver, CO shares an uncommon fact about FWS.