Brent Means shares about OSMRE career opportunities


Can you tell us maybe what kind of
growth opportunities you’ve had here?
Yeah. OSM has provided,
I mean they’ve really, there’s a lot of
growth opportunity to be able to work
and grow in whatever aspect, they work to
your benefits, I would say OSM
works to your benefit. So if you have an
interest that’s within your job scope,
they allow you to grow into that
interest rather than, rather than trying
to force you into something that you’re
not interested in and not as good at
working. So I mean anytime you play to
someone’s benefit, you’re going to get
much better results than playing to
their weakness. And I found that with
every manager I’ve had at OSM. They’ve
allowed me to grow into my benefit, my
interests. which I think has ultimately
benefited the agency.

OSMRE Hydrologist Brent Means in New Cumberland, PA describes opportunities to grow in your career