BIE: Mia Toya - Why did you become a teacher?


With your job, do you feel you are providing
public service and if so what does that mean
to you?
I became a teacher, ever since I was in
second grade I knew I wanted to become a
teacher. I saw students that struggled in
my class and and I knew, I just kind of
felt that they weren’t getting the help
that they needed. So I kind of made a
promise to myself that someday when I
grow up I want to become a teacher. And I
also come from a family of teachers. My
mother was a teacher and my grandmother
was a teacher as well. So I feel living
in, being a part of a community part of
Jemez, I felt like I needed to give to,
back to my community and to teach to the
the children of my community, which is my
community service to to my pueblo of

BIE Elementary Teacher Mia Toya in Pueblo, NM shares why she chose this career.