BIE: Mia Toya on the best part of her job


Do you feel that your work challenges
you in a good way? I don’t feel it’s a
job because I hear people complain, “Oh I
gotta go to work,
same old day, same old thing.”

I do not see
my career as a job, it’s just something I
do and something that I love to do. And
just that interaction, the relationships
that I’ve established with my students.
When I see them learning, those light
bulbs going on, oh it’s just, it just
warms my heart. And I just know what I’m
doing is is something that’s needed. And
I would love for more more of our
community members, more people to enter
the teaching position and not look at it
as a job, but as a service for for your
people and for any community, for the
world, so we can be a better place.

BIE Elementary Teacher Mia Toya in Pueblo, NM shares why she loves her job.