Classification Appeal Decisions

How to Use DOI Classification Appeal Decisions

The classification appeal decisions posted on this page do not substitute for or add to position classification or job grading standards and guides and are not "case law." Further, these decisions should not be used as the basis for other classification determinations for two reasons. First, section 5107 of title 5, United States Code, prohibits the classification of positions on the basis of position-to-position comparisons. Second, these decisions do not provide enough information for direct application in the classification of other positions.


These decisions are provided with the following cautionary notes:

  • You must keep in mind that the decisions are taken out of context. Neither the actual position description nor the appeal case file is provided to supplement the decision.
  • Each decision relates to a specific position and may not provide an appropriate basis for extrapolation to other positions.
  • Each decision provides an interpretation of classification standards and guides in force at the time the case was decided appropriate for the circumstances of the position in question. This interpretation may not be appropriate for other positions given the different ways similar work may be accomplished, alternative interpretations of the flexibilities that may be allowed in the classification standards and guides, and the specific conditions associated with the work of the position being considered.
Classification Appeal Decisions
Issued by Position Title Series Organization
DOI Technical Writer-Editor GS-1083-11 Bureau of Reclamation
OPM Engineering Equipment Operator WG-5716-09 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
OPM Supervisory Park Ranger (LE/Refuge) GS-0025-11 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
OPM Program Support Assistant (OA) GS-0303-06 Natural Resources Branch
OPM Accounting Technician GS-0525-07 Bureau of Indian Affairs
OPM Research Hydrologist GS-1315-14 U.S. Geological Survey

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