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  1. Recognized Tribal Entities, the official list of Indian entities recognized and eligible to receive services from the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs, maintained by BIA.
  2. Indian Health Service, an agency of the US Public Health Service.
  3. Index of Native American Resources on the Internet, with a huge index with links in more than 30 categories, maintained by Karen Strom.
  4. Links to Aboriginal Resources, organizes hundreds of links by country and topic, maintained by Bill Henderson.
  5. First Nation's Histories of 48 Indian nations, and an extensive bibliography, maintained by Jordan Dill.
  6. A Critical Bibliography on North American Indians, for K-12, from the Anthropology Outreach Office of the Smithsonian Institution, offers well organized reviews of hundreds of appropriate books about American Indians.
  7. Storytellers - Native American Authors Online, lists authors, books, and traditional storytelling, compiled by Karen Strom.
  8. Mohawk & Iroquois Homepage Index, including links about language, bibliography, archives, and the full text of the Constitution of the Iroquois Nations, supported by Kahon:wes.
  9. Indigenous Bar Association, a non-profit professional organization for Aboriginal persons in the legal field. Its membership consist of legally trained persons who are lawyers, judges, law professors, legal consultants and law students. A Canadian site with many relevant issues and links.
  10. American Indian Science and Engineering Society, including online resume service and list of conferences.
  11. National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development. Native American marketing and procurement services, business development centers, business consultants, and corporate resource councils.
  12. Indian Gaming News, an extensive daily online newsletter sponsored by Levine and Associates, attorneys.
  13. Ohwejagehka: Ha'degaenage: preserves the Iriquois languages, songs and dances, and provides a catalogue of available recordings, maintained by Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario.
  14. Geronimo, his life story written as a series of first person essays, supported by the University of Grogningen, Netherlands.
  15. Sitting Bull, brief history of Tatanka Yotanka of the Lakota, with links to additional historical sites, supported by a descendent.
  16. American Indian Ethnobotany Database. A search capability for more than 4,000 entries regarding foods, drugs, dyes, and fibers of Native North American Peoples, provided by Dan Moerman.