FY 2013 Agency Financial Report


The Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Agency Financial Report provides important financial and performance information for the Department of the Interior (DOI). It is DOI's principal publication to Congress and the American people on the stewardship, management, and leadership of the public funds and resources entrusted to us. For the seventeenth straight year, the consolidated financial statements in this report received a clean (unqualified) opinion from an independent auditing firm. In addition, DOI successfully addressed all prior year significant deficiencies. Unfortunately, two new significant deficiencies arose, one of which is material, but we are confident they can both be addressed in FY 2014. 


FY 2013 Department of the Interior Data Maps

We believe a change in the reporting landscape is needed to feed today's media driven and information hungry society. Using ingenuity, focused analysis, and interactive data visualizations, DOI is moving reporting beyond the traditional financial statement model with a U.S. data map (www.doi.gov/pfm/afr/2013/maps) where visitors can customize their user experience by selecting several data sources to display the data that is most important to them rather than combing through a table of figures. Visitors can see the "who, what, and where" of DOI's $19 billion expenditures in FY 2013. In addition, it is our hope that increasing our financial data to public exposure with visualization tools (like the map) will add value by promoting transparency, increasing financial accountability and communicating information in a useful, relevant, and easily digestible manner. The DOI recognizes it is just scratching the surface of reporting possibilities and will continue to pioneer innovation in future financial reporting.

Please click the map below for the FY 2013 DOI Data Maps.

Heat Map

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