Europe and Eurasia

DOI-ITAP has provided support on critical conservation efforts in Europe and Eurasia, including developing Georgia’s national parks system for recreation and tourism, employing displaced people in Croatia’s national parks, and providing recommendations on rangeland management in Tajikistan.

Specifically, in this region, DOI-ITAP technical assistance, at both regional and national levels, has helped to strengthen:

  • Protected areas management
  • Developing protected area infrastructure
  • Sustainable ecotourism
  • Oil and gas sector
  • Management of endangered species
  • Rangeland management



National Parks and Ecotourism Program (Georgia)

Since 1998, DOI-ITAP has supported well-managed protected areas in the country of Georgia, through the National Parks and Ecotourism (NPE) Program.  

Both visitation and the number of protected areas are increasing in Georgia, in part due to cooperation in the NPE Program, which has contributed to improved management of over three million acres of public lands through workshops, mentorship opportunities, and study tours. These protected areas serve as attractive tourist destinations, creating sustainable economic development opportunities for local communities.

The effort is a collaboration with USAID Georgia and the Government of Georgia. 



Preserving And Managing Cultural Heritage Final [pdf]
Doi Itap Factsheet Youth Engagement Final [pdf]

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