DOI International Technical Assistance Program

DOI-ITAP builds capacity in other countries by drawing from the diverse expertise of the 70,000 DOI employees. Capacity building includes on‐site technical assistance, U.S.-based training, one-on-one mentoring, and train-the-trainer workshops on a wide array of topics, including those listed below.

  • Combatting Wildlife Trafficking,
  • Providing Sustainable Wildlife and Habitat Management,
  • Environmental Governance and Law Enforcement,
  • Women's Environmental Leadership & Empowerment,
  • Mitigating and Responding to Natural Disasters,
  • Sharing Mining and Oil & Gas Best Practices, and
  • Preserving Cultural Heritage. 


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  • Our Work

    DOI-ITAP collaborates with partner countries on all aspects natural resources and cultural heritage management, examples of which are presented here by priority themes.
  • Regions

    DOI-ITAP works in over 50 countries organized into 6 regions. A brief description of all current DOI-ITAP projects is presented within each region page.
  • Opportunities & News

    On this page, you may engage in our work through the opportunity announcements posted here, as well as find outreach materials including calendars of activities, fact sheets, success stories and other news and information.
  • Staff

    The DOI-ITAP U.S.-based staff collaborates closely with its In-Country Coordinators to plan and implement its projects around the world. Meet our team!