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What the HŌʻIHI Program is Looking For

Under the HŌʻIHI Program, the Office of Native Hawaiian Relations will award grants to successful NHO applicants to utilize their amassed traditional knowledge and expertise in Native Hawaiian cultural practices to develop and implement a new, or enhance an existing, engagement program that:

  • Educates visitors on the history, usage, purposes of, and protocols associated with a traditional Native Hawaiian cultural practice;

  • Engages visitors in the cultural practice such that they develop a first-hand, authentic experience resulting in a greater understanding and appreciation for the Native Hawaiian culture and Hawaiʻi; and as appropriate, tangible products or outputs that reflect their participation in the cultural practice; and

  • Undertakes related activities with visitors that convey respect and reaffirm the principle of reciprocation to the place, resources, and traditional knowledge holders and practicioners, as well as the sustainability of the cultural practice.

For the purposes of the HŌʻIHI Program, Native Hawaiian cultural practices may include, but are not limited to, traditional: food production and preparation, health and healing, material gathering and production of implements, products, and adornments, and cultural activities such as dance, chant, song, arts, construction, and recreation.

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