Secretarial Correspondence Management

The Office oversees the Department’s correspondence operations, including the management and control of correspondence addressed to Secretarial Executives—including but not limited to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, or the Associate Deputy Secretary. The Unit: 

  • Manages the Department’s correspondence operations, including the development and enforcement of policies, protocols, and best practices that specify roles and responsibilities for correspondence management.


  • Reviews and processes all incoming Secretarial correspondence and assigns the incoming correspondence item to the proper Bureau/Office for a response, including the determination of the signature and clearance levels required for each response. 


  • Monitors and tracks the completion of incoming Secretarial correspondence items throughout the drafting, review, and approval process.


  • Serves as the Department’s primary liaison to other Federal department and agency Executive Secretariats for matters involving Secretarial correspondence. 


  • Ensures that outgoing Secretarial correspondence accurately reflects Departmental policy and incorporates relevant Bureau/Office positions.


  • Responds to or directs to the appropriate Bureaus/Offices inquiries and requests from the White House, congressional offices, other Federal agencies, State and local governments, constituent groups, and the general public on a wide variety of Department activities. 


  • Manages the Departmental Correspondence Manual. 


Correspondence for Secretarial Executives can be sent via physical mail or email. 


Physical Mail 

The Office of the Executive Secretariat and Regulatory Affairs 

1849 C Street N.W.  

Mail Stop 7328 

Washington, DC 20240