Policy & Regulatory Affairs

The Office develops and manages regulatory policy for the Department. The Office:

  • Reviews all regulations and policy documents that are published in the Federal Register to ensure they reflect administration policy; comply with Federal Register requirements, applicable laws, Executive Orders, and Office of Management Budget (OMB) requirements; and are written in plain language.

  • Serves as the Department's primary point of contact with OMB on regulatory matters and facilitates agreements and working relationships among bureaus.

  • Develops the Department’s semiannual agenda of regulations and reports required by Congress, the President, and OMB.

  • Develops regulatory policy and revises, as necessary, the Departmental Manual chapters and associated handbooks regarding the regulatory process.

  • Manages the organization of, and revisions to, the Departmental Manual.

  • Manages the development, review, and approvals of Secretary's Orders.

  • Provides technical assistance in developing and updating Succession Memorandums, and maintaining a repository of approved memorandums for key Departmental Officials. 

  • Provides technical and policy guidance to offices publishing regulations or similar policy documents.

  • Assists bureaus in writing regulations in plain language by holding training courses and providing personalized assistance.

  • Leads the Department’s retrospective regulatory review and reports on progress to OMB.

  • Coordinates inter-agency regulatory review for the Department.

  • Represents the Department on Government-wide regulatory initiatives.

  • Represents the Department’s interests on Government-wide eRulemaking activities.

  • Coordinates the Departmental review of draft Executive Orders and Presidential documents issued by OMB and the White House.


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  • On January 18, 2011, President Obama issued Executive Order 13563, which seeks to improve regulation and regulatory review and the Department works tirelessly to fulfill those goals.

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  • The Department is committed to writing all of our documents in plain language to better improve our services to and communication with the public. Here you will find information on the Department's efforts and compliance with the Act.

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