Operations Division

About Us

AVSO's Operations Division is responsible for a variety of crosscutting business and administrative functions that directly affect AVSO’s ability to fulfill its mission. 

Operations develops and supports business- and administrative-related policies, procedures, and functions within AVSO. Our focus is to provide quality business and administrative services by promoting Accountability, Approachability, and Availability (AAA service) in all we do. It is our goal to elevate our services to the highest levels of efficiency throughout the Department of the Interior.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Support the performance of valuation services and special projects for the Department.
  • Provide business and administrative support for the AVSO Director’s Office, Valuation Division, Office of the Associate Deputy Director, Minerals Evaluation Division, and Technical Services Division.
  • Collaborate with client agencies outside of the Department.
  • Develop AVSO business policy, procedures, and guidance.

The Operations Division is comprised of the following functional areas:

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