Human Resources Support

The Human Resources Support functional area assists AVSO staff with all human resources (HR) processes, policies, and regulations for the Department of the Interior.  Working closely with the Interior Business Center Human Resources Office (IBC-HR), this functional area is responsible for the coordination of the equal employment and affirmative employment activities and programs. It supports all hiring actions, employee benefits, equal opportunity, payroll operations, position alignment, special hiring or staffing functions, and award actions. 

AVSO is working to improve the Department’s recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce in the following ways:

  • Increase employment of veterans and persons with disabilities.
  • Bring about hiring reforms to support workforce and succession planning.
  • Shorten time frames for hiring and achieve more effective results.
  • Improve leadership and management competencies.
  • Enrich and improve employee wellness and employee engagement.
  • Improve the Department’s compliance with Equal Employment Commission and Department of Justice regulatory requirements related to equal opportunity and access complaint processing and reporting.

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