Privacy Act Systems of Records Notices

Below are links to the Department of the Interior bureau and office Privacy Act System of Records Notices (SORNs) followed by Government-wide Privacy Act SORNs published by other agencies that affect the Department.  

A system of records is a group of any records under the control of any agency from which information is retrieved by the name of the individual or by some identifying number, symbol, or other identifier assigned to the individual.  The Privacy Act requires each agency to publish notice of its systems of records in the Federal Register.  This notice is generally referred to as a System of Records Notice or SORN.  


  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • General Services Administration
    • GSA/GOVT-2: Employment Under Commercial Activities Contracts
      Records on former Federal employees involuntarily separated from government employment as a result of a commercial activity contract.The system is used to provide government agencies with necessary information on former Federal employees hired by contractors to ensure the proper distribution of severance pay by the government
    • GSA/GOVT-3: Travel Charge Card Program  
      Records of current Federal employees who use government assigned charge cards while in travel status.It is used to provide government agencies with (1) necessary information on the commercial travel and transportation payment and expense control system which will provide travelers charge cards for official travel and related travel expenses on a worldwide basis; (2) attendant operational and control support; and (3) management information reports for expense control purposes.
    • GSA/GOVT-4: Contracted Travel Service Program 
      Records on individuals who are current Federal employees on travel and individuals being provided travel by the government.It is used to enable travel agents who are under contract to the Federal government to issue and account for travel provided to individuals.
    • GSA/GOVT-5:Access Certificates for Electronic Services (ACES) (In PDF)
      Individuals covered are persons who have a digital signature certificate under the ACES program
    • GSA/GOV-6: SmartPay Purchase Chase Card Program 
      Individuals covered by the system are Federal employees, contractors, and other individuals who apply for and/or use Government-assigned purchase charge cards.
    • GSA/GOV-7:  Federal Personal Identity Verification Identity Management System (PIV IDMS)
      (See DOI-45, DOI-46, and DOI-47 for DOI Managed HSPD12 Privacy Act systems of records)
    • GSA/GOV-8:  Excluded Parties List System (PDF)
      Individuals Covered by this System:  a.  Individuals excluded or disqualified under a Federal agency's codification of the Common Rules on Nonprocurement suspension and debarment, or otherwise declared ineligible from receiving certain Federal assistance and/or benefits; b.  individuals debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, or otherwise declared ineligible from participating in Federal procurement programs; c. Individuals barred or suspended from acting as sureties for bid and performance bond activity in procurement programs; d. Individuals barred from entering the United States; e. Individuals that may be subject to sanctions pursuant to 31 CFR parts 500-599 and subparts there under.
  • Department of Labor
    • DOL/GOVT-1: Federal Employers' Compensation Act File
      Records on FECA benefit recipients.These are Federal employees injured in the performance of duty, or beneficiaries of employees killed in the performance of duty.Includes the information and verification about covered employees' work related injuries, entitlement to medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation; entitlement to and computation of continuation of pay, compensation, survivors' benefits under FECA and certain other statutes.
    • DOL/GOVT-2: Jobs Corps Student Records
      Information on Employment Training Administration Job Corps students and former students.
  • Department of Transportation
    • DOT/ALL-8: Employee Transportation Facilitation
      Records on applications submitted by individuals for parking permits, carpool and vanpool membership, ridesharing information, and fare subsidies; from notifications from other Federal agencies in the program; and from periodic certifications and reports regarding fare subsidies.
  • Merit System Protection Board
    • MSPB/GOVT-1: Appeal and Case Records- PDF
      Records on (a) current and former Federal employees, applicants for employment, annuitants, and other individuals who have filed appeals with MSPB, or with respect to whoma Federal agency has petitioned MSPB concerning any matter over which the Board has jurisdiction; and (b) current and former employees of State and local governments who have been investigated by the Special Counsel and have had a hearing before MSPB concerning possible violation of the Hatch Act
  • Office of Government Ethics
    • OGE/GOVT-1: Executive Branch Public Financial Disclosure Reports and Other Ethics Program Records
      Records on the President, the Vice President, candidates for those offices, Administrative Law Judges, members of uniformed services at pay grade 0-7 or above, the Postmaster General and Deputy Postmaster General, designated agency ethics officials, appointed civilians to the Executive Office of the President, nominees for positions requiring Senate confirmation, and many government officials in the Senior Executive Service, other positions above GS-15, and Schedule C appointees.
    • OGE/GOVT-2: Confidential Statements of Employment and Financial Interests
      Records of former or current employees required by their agency to file such statements in order to meet requirements of Executive Order Nos. 12674 (as modified by 12731), 12565, and 11222; OGE regulations and section 107 of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 concerning the filing of employment and financial interest statements, which are reviewed for conflict of interest purposes.
  • Special Council Office
    • OSC/GOVT-1
      Categories of individuals covered by the system: The principal categories of individuals covered by the system are persons filing allegations of prohibited personnelpractices, improper political activity, or other alleged prohibited activities; persons identified as engaging or participating in such practices of activities; persons filing disclosures of alleged wrongdoing by federal agencies, and persons identified as engaging or participating in such wrongdoing; persons charged by the OSC in disciplinary action complaints filed by the OSC with the Merit systems Protection Board (MSPB); and plaintiffs seeking remedies against the OSC in litigation related to the performance of its official functions.
  • Office of Personnel Management Systems
    • 5 CFR Sec. 297.104 Types of records.
      The Office manages three generic types of personnel records systems:
      (a) Internal systems of records are under the Office's physical control and are established and maintained by the Office solely on its own employees and, when appropriate, on others in contact with the Office regarding matters within its authority.
      (b) Centralized systems of personnel records are physically established and maintained by the Office with regard to most current and former Federal employees and some applicants for Federal employment.
      (c) Governmentwide systems of personnel records are maintained by the Office, and through Office delegations of authority, by Federal agencies with regard to their own employees or applicants for employment.

      OPM Governmentwide Systems of Records

      • OPM/GOVT-1: General Personnel Records (In PDF)

        Records on current and former Federal employees as defined in 5 U.S.C.2105, including OPM's Central Personnel Data File and related agency personnel management information systems.The Official Personnel Folders and other general personnel records files are the official repository of the records, reports of personnel actions, and the documents and papers required in connection with actions affected during an employee's Federal service.

      • OPM/GOVT-2: Employee Performance File System Records

      Records on current or former Federal employees, including appointees to the Senior Executive Service maintained on an employee's performance.

      Records on current or former Federal employees, including Senior Executive Service employees, against whom such an action has been proposed or taken in accordance with 5 C.F.R. 432, 732, 752, or 754.

      Records on (a) persons who have applied to OPM or agencies for Federal employment, and current and former Federal employees submitting applications for other positions in the Federal Service; and (b) applicants for Federal employment believed or found to be unsuitable for employment on medical grounds.

      Records on current and former Federal employees, applicants for Federal employment, current and former state and local government employees, and applicants for State and local government employment, selected private sector employees and applicants for sample comparison groups used by OPM or other Federal agencies for the construction, analysis, and validation of written tests and for research on and evaluation of personnel or organizational management and staffing methods, including workforce effectiveness studies.

      Records on current and former Federal employees and individuals who have applied for Federal employment used by OPM and agencies to evaluate personnel/organizational measurement and selection records, implement and evaluate Federal Equal opportunity Recruitment and affirmative action programs, prepare reports regarding breakdown by race, sex, and national origin of applicants, and to locate individuals for personnel research.

      Records on current and former Federal employees who have either (a) filed a position classification appeal or a job grading appeal with OPM's Agency Compliance and Evaluation, an OPM regional office, or with their agencies; or (b) filed a retained grade or pay appeal with OPM's Agency Compliance and Evaluation or an OPM regional office, used to document the processing and adjudication of the appeal.

      Records on current and former civilian Federal employees maintained to ensure proper medical evaluation, diagnosis, history, treatment, and continuity of care; documentation of hazard exposures, treatment, medically-related employment decisions, and communications among health care providers, including planning of further care, evaluation of the quality of health care rendered, and to ensure proper operation of an agency's drug testing program.